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PT Infico Pratama is a distributor from PT Netway Indonesia to the East of Java. PT. Netway Indonesia was established in March 2006 and is developed to become one of the leading suppliers in Indonesia. Throughout the short period and with its philosophy to provide only a quality products and equipped with excellent after sales services and spareparts availability,  the company has grown into one of the prominent company especially in heavy equipment, scaffolding, welding, tools and safety products. During the period, the company has been able to participate in lots of major projects in  mining, oil & gas industries and civil projects or industries. To anticipate the further growth and to serve our customer better, the company is planning to expand their operation in several major cities in Indonesia in the near future.

The company has equipped itself with a solid resources. PT. Netway has developed an internal tailored made system so called “NETSYS” which is a powerful tools to track all the inquiries received up to the delivery to clients and also linking all departments within the company such as sales & marketing, logistic and warehousing, finance and accounting, purchasing, HR and technical department. It is a mini “ERP” (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that is tailored made to suit the company operation. The company also run in accordance with the ISO compliance procedures, and  training to upgrade the competency of its Human resources are regularly performed.

We have been appointed as authorized or sole agent in Indonesia for worldwide products and we do have a complete range of products for any industrial or project needs.

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