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C-Narrow Design Pipe Beveling Machine








This machine is designed for pipe end beveling of smal diameter, pipe cut-mounted compact installation. It is used in pipe end beveling porcess of professional equipments and on-site overhaul, e.g. water cooled wall, overheater, reheater, fuel economizer, boiler and fire thermo electricity, etc. It meets the requirement of process: narrow space of on-site repair and large scale of repairing.
High-quality beveling tool which can process different grades of carbon steels, allowyed steels, stainless steels, and other materials of metal pipes. An outside caliper is fixed in proper position, simple and light, precise centering, steady mount and convenient operation. It is equipped with exclusive motor made by Germany Metabo Company, with excellent performance and durable use.
Driving Type:
Electric Model : this machine adopts exclusive motor to drive Voltage 220V, Frequency 50-60Hz, Power 1.40 KW.
Pneumatic Model : this machine adopts pneumatic motor to drive, air working pressure 0.8-1.5 Mpa, air consuming flux 1000-1500L/min. It is used for inflammable and dangerous operation places.
Electric Model Pneumatic Model Working range (O.D.) mm Wall Thickness (mm) Rotating Rate (rpm)
ISC-53 TSC-53 8 - 53 < 8 56
ISC-63 TSC-63 28 - 63 < 12 52

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