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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 02:32

HYI-O.D. Mounted Flange Facing Machine

Product Name : HYI Inner Mounted Flange Facing Machine

Patent NO : ZL20094016373.5

Features :
This machine is designed and researched for the long-distance pipe operation. It is a comprehensive range of precision machine with independent patent that meets various industries requirements. Flange Facer is an internally mounted machine with a durable construction and cover machining sizes range from 50mm up to 2000mm or more. This Facer has a unique power feed long series tool post.

Rated Pressure: P=20Mpa
Rated flux: Q=25L/min
Hydraulic Motor: N=160r/min
Output torque: M=320N. M
Electric Motor Power: N=7.5KW
Electric Motor Rate: N=1450r/min
Timing range: 0-30r/min

Flange Facer is an internally mounted machine with a durable construction and cover Easy set-up on site and quick adjust concentricity and Flatness, high rigid support frame to assure precision.
Machining sizes range from 250mm up to 3000mm or more.
360 degree power feed tool post for all types of flange facing, groove machining.
The axial-radial feed unit of tool post is adjusted
It could be changed or combined for the base clamping jaws.
Hydraulic unit with low heat and low oil consumption.
Hydraulic or pneumatic drive, wide use range.


Rated Pressure: P=20Mpa             
Rated flux: Q=25L/min
Hydraulic Motor: N=160r/min          
Output torque: M=320N. M
Electric Motor Power: N=7.5KW      
Electric Motor Rate: N=1450r/min Timing range: 0-30r/min



Can process V, U, X types and various complex bevels

                (a) Complete V Groove                          (b) Complex V Groove with Inner Bevel


Electric Pneumatic Working Range (O.D) Clamping Range (I.D)
HYI-508 AYI-508 10" - 20" 10" - 12"
HYI-900 AYI-900 18" - 35" 16" - 27.4"
HYI-1200 AYI-1200 24" - 47" 24" - 36.4"
HYI-2000 AYI-2000 31.5" - 79" 31.5" - 61.7"
HYI-3000 AYI-3000 40" - 118" 40" - 116"
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 02:31

HYO-O.D. Mounted Flange Facing Machine

Product Name: HYO-O.D. Mounted Flange Facing Machine

This machine is researched and manufactured according to the operation of long-distance pipeline and flange. We have independent intellectual property. Outside calipers is fixed in proper position, high stiffness of structural support, fulfill the wide cutting range, easy operation, high efficiency, it can process chute/flume/sealing surface and blank flange, tube-plate of heat exchange.
Technical Parameter:
Rated Pressure: P = 20MPa.
Rated Flux: Q = 25L/min.
Hydraulic Motor: N = 160r/min
Output torque: M = 320 N.M
Electric Motor Power: N = 7.5KW
Electric Motor Rate: N = 1450r/min
Timing range: 0-30r/min
Swivel tool post with 360 degree power feed, wide range use. Feed handwheel of horizontal and vertical tool post with scale, precise and convenient regulation. Tool post can feed automatically in both axial and radial processed precision is guaranteed. Adjustable hydraulic drive motor, adjustable speed, strong power, meets different requirements of customers. Maximum depth of roughing processing is 1.5mm. Pneumatic motor is optional, used for proof - explosion on-site operation.

Electric Pneumatic Working Range (I.D. mm) Clamp Range ( Rotating Rate (rpm)
HYO-500 AYO-500 0 - 500 150 - 500 Adjustable
HYO-1000 AYO-1000 0 - 1000 500 - 1000 Adjustable
HYO-1500 AYO-1500 0 - 1500 1000 - 1500 Adjustable

If the type > HYO-1500 model, design and manufacture according to the your requirement.

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