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Crucial attachment for slope-sided road construction, building foundation works, drainage compacting works, etc.

Advantage technology:
* Specially designed 45 degree inclined vibration-proof rubber absorbs and minimizes shock power.
* The special technology provides improvement in works, as well as economical efficency.
* No pressure adjustment due to a high pressure generating motor.
* Working feasibility through adjusting RPM control device.
It is mainly used for:
* Compacting slope surface on road construction.
* Compacting soils, gravels, etc.
* Compacting soil recovery after pipeline works.
* Compacting drain path and rocked surface Pile driving works.
Technical specifications:

Impulse Force Vibration per Minute (Max) Required Oil Flow Working Pressure Weight Suitable Excavator
ton vpm lpm kg/cm2 kg ton
DYV-300 2~3 2,400 60~80 90~130 280 4~7
DYV-600 5~6 2,400 80~110 100~140 550 11~16
DYV-800 7~8 2,000 110~140 120~160 700 18~24
DYV-900 9~10 2,000 130~160 130~170 950 25~34
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