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Torque Multiplier (with Simple Torqon)

Feature and Benefit

° Easy Operation!
Setting of target torque is easy owing to target torque setting dial.
Setting of socket and nut is easy owing to free-joint mechanism.
° High Accuracy!
Repeated tightening torque accuracy: within ±5% against required torque.
° Rotation to Both Directions!
Main functions such as torque control, soft start and free-joint mechanism are common to both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.
° No Vibration!
No impacting shock usig during use. No vibration and low noise.
° Simple Design!
All necessary functions are incorporated in the wrench for no distractions during torquing.
° Automatic shut-off at present torque!
° Tone impact sockets can be used!
Use only impact sockets.
Model No.
O/P Torque
(ft.Lbs) N.m
I/P Torque
(ft.Lbs) N.m
(Lb) kg
Torque multiplier Simple torqon
8-180PXST 1230~1800 300~439 8-180PX STC5TE
12-350PXST 1800~3500 500~972 12-350PX STC11TE
12-500PXST 2250~5000 500~1100 12-500PX STC11TE
20-1000PXST 5390~10000 350~649 20-1000PX STC7TE
20-1500PXST 6800~15000 500~1100 20-1500PX STC11TE
20-2500PXST 10650~23500 500~1100 20-2500PX STC11TE
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